Our Eco-Sharps program caters to facilities with a high volume of sharps waste and those looking for environmentally friendly sharps disposal methods.

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We provide a variety of OSHA compliant sharps containers and red bags.

Please let us know if you do not see the sharps containers or supplies you need listed below.

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Sharps Containers

  • 1 quart Sharps Container
  • 1 gallon Sharps Container
  • 5 quart Sharps Container
  • 2 gallon Sharps Container
  • 8 gallon Sharps Container
  • Larger sizes also available

Red Bags

  • 14 x 19 (fits up to a 3 gallon container) 200/case
  • 23 x 23 (fits up to a 8 gallon container) 100/case
  • 24 x 23 (fits up to a 8 gallon container) 200/case
  • 33 x 39 (fits up to a 17 gallon container) 200/case
  • 40 x 46 (fits up to a 30 gallon container) 150/case
  • 54 x 64 (fits up to a 96 gallon container) 100/case


Curbside medical waste service
is now available

Stay informed with the OSHA portal’s
Corona Virus Resource Center